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Today I had 2 goals with Hallow [Online]! 

  • Create an easy to manage Scene Switcher that can switch between the following Scenes: Login / Character Selection / Character Creation / Game Play – Explore / Game Play – Turn Based Battle.
  • Create an event handler that switched in sync with the current scene.
Both of these goals WERE accomplished. They were also simple to acheive. I ended up making switches run inside of the irrlicht rendering device and the primary event handler. All the objects that are rendered are accessible in a hash table. I had trouble deleting all the elements because I had IGUIElements in the hash table as well as IGUIFonts in it. I just used a comparison of the data types to IGUIElement to filter out the excess crap. IGUIFonts and such was removed by clearing the device scene manager. Now that is accomplished, I can take an actionscript 2.0-like approach to making this game.

Written by FuRom

September 24, 2008 at 11:43 pm

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