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This page is dedicated to commemorating everyone that has helped, and is helping, the Hallow [Online] MMORPG. If the person has [@] beside their name, you can click that to reach them via email. If there is [W] beside their name, you can click that to visit their website.

Black names are founders.
Green detonates that the person is a member of the team that is recognized as permanent.
Orange detonates that the person makes regular contributions, but has never made themselves exclusively a part of the team.
Pink detonates that the person has contributed but has neither exclusively made themselves a part of the team nor continuously contributed. IE: Drifting contributor.

Samuel Peterson [@]


If you’ve contributed directly to ANY distribution of Hallow[Online] and you’re NOT on this list, please email Samuel Peterson to get listed. If you’re on this list and want to be removed, just contact Samuel Peterson…. All contributions have been released under an MIT License and can NOT be retracted.

Written by FuRom

September 30, 2008 at 1:04 am

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